DirectView Offers Custom-Tailored Security, Surveillance, Safety and Access Control Solutions for the Cannabis and CBD Industry

One of the most important requirements when running a licensed business involved in the cannabis & CBD industry is maintaining proper security, surveillance and safety systems.

The Cannabis industry is evolving rapidly, leaving behind the taboos of an earlier era. Surveillance equipment installers view this exponentially growing industry as a major opportunity. DirectView (DirectView Holdings, Inc. (DIRV),  a company focused on ownership and management of leading video and security technology company, are taking the lead on offering their clients state-of-the-art, first to market, solutions to meet these stringent requirements.

Roger Ralston, CEO and Chairman of DirectView, said in a recent statement, “Take Colorado as an example: They have dispensaries that operate entirely on cash and have large inventories of cannabis and related products. This creates an environment where top-of-the-line security and surveillance systems, like those provided by DirectView, are a necessity. In addition to cameras, access control systems are usually a prerequisite.”

These requirements are especially well known to new business owners starting a CBD extraction facility. Building their facility demands owners to take proper safety precautions due to the risk of fire and explosions when working with flammable gasses and liquids in the production of CBD extracts while other extractors utilizing CO2 can put occupants in danger from lowering the levels of oxygen. Explosion-proof cameras is a must for special use in the CBD extraction rooms. DirectView is a provider of class 1, division 1 explosion-proof cameras for special use such as this.

DirectView can help cultivators, manufacturers, & distributors stay compliant but, most importantly their services can keep your business and employees safe at a low and affordable cost. Their company’s consultants are highly trained professionals that can help you pinpoint your operations risks and help you minimize them.