Driven’s Brand to Consumer Program, BrandBudee, Expands Benefits & Increases Participation Amongst Cannabis Brands

Driven Deliveries Inc. (the “Company” or Driven) (OTCQB: DRVD), one of California’s fastest growing online cannabis retailers and direct-to-consumer logistics companies, announced today that the Company has increased the functionality and brand participation from 13 to 21 for its BrandBudee Program.

In a complex and compressed world of cannabis retail, brands struggle to get their products in front of consumers. Whether expanding into a new category or expanding geographically, working with dispensaries is frustrating and expensive. Traditionally brands have leveraged the proverbial “where to buy” menu option on their websites, but even this method doesn’t drive sales, it simply drives a captive consumer to a competitive retail environment, either in store or online.

“These challenges are why we saw the opportunity to provide our menu participants with a new way to go to market and reach consumers,” said Christian Schenk, CEO Driven Deliveries.  “BrandBudee allows participating cannabis brands to activate our integrated “order online” widget and provide consumers with a statewide direct to consumer service in under 60 minutes.”

Following the installation of the widget, consumers will be able to see inventory available near them from the corresponding brand.  This allows brands to convert that captive consumer web traffic to revenue without passing them to a different website, ecommerce solution or competitive retail store where the budtenders and sales staff will most certainly be promoting whatever is most economically advantageous to them.

“As easy as, click, add to cart, and see you in 60 mins.  BrandBudee is not just a technical solution but a logistics, marketing, analytics and consumer loyalty platform for brands looking to service its customers the way they want to be serviced,” said Sal Villanueva, President of Driven Deliveries.

The Company’s online retail divisions, Ganjarunner and Budee, provide California cannabis consumers with access to hundreds of licensed products through their online ecommerce platform.

Brand participation continues to grow across all categories of products. Some participants include:

Since the launch of the program participating brands collectively saw increased sales of 23% in May and 29% in June.  Participating brands accounted for more than $990,000 in top line revenue in Q2.

Additionally, the program drove new customer acquisitions totaling 1,060 in May and 1,295 in June. Participating brands initiated 1,404 customer orders in June and carried an average order value (AOV) of $88.00.

In July the Company released additional functionality and paid service offerings for participants;

  • BrandBudee also offers brands the opportunity to provide consumer facing promotions, loyalty programs, and even offer an on-demand exchange program. The BrandBudee platform includes a custom coupon engine that enables brands to manage an infinite number of coupon codes that enable discounts and promotions on their website. We see these leveraged for campaigns such as social media, friends and family discounts, referral programs and even statewide product exchanges, that are facilitated by Budee and charged back to the brand. The ultimate way to fix a customer problem, even if it is created by a competitive retailer.
  • Ability to run a statewide promotion of one or many of your products without having to coordinate with hundreds of retailers, negotiate chargebacks and ensure continuity of supply, nevermind having the data in near real-time as to the performance. BrandBudee gives brands the power to control product launches, customer experiences and more.
  • BrandBudee offers a series of custom consumer feedback programs to ensure timely collection and analysis of your initiatives. Through the intuitive, integrated and intelligent survey module we can ask consumers about their experiences with products and brands and provide insights as to what resonates with them.
  • The robust data analytics and visualization engine, Driven by Numbers enables us to monitor the correlation of this data against other third party attributes such as location, order characteristics, competitive engagement, affinities and other demographics that play a factor in refining product positioning amongst a sea of competitors.
  • Driven by Numbers provides insights into how your brand, SKUs and campaigns are performing across the state. Being a part of the BrandBudee program you can expect to benefit from this intelligence in many ways. Knowing what SKUs are selling in certain markets, knowing what resonates more with different target audiences, does age play a factor? What affinities do you share with your customers? How much should you produce of this SKU or that SKU? Where should you establish a retail presence? Do people buy your product during the day, at night, on weekends? Without data you can’t measure the success of your consumer relationship.

Starting in August Driven will require all vendors who sell products on its Budee and Ganjarunner ecommerce sites to deploy the widget.

About Driven:

Driven Deliveries, Inc., is the first publicly traded cannabis delivery service operating within the United States. Founded by experienced technology and cannabis executives, the company provides e-commerce solutions, online sales, and on-demand cannabis delivery, in select cities where allowed by law. Driven offers legal cannabis consumers the ability to purchase and receive their marijuana in a fast and convenient manner. By 2020, legitimate cannabis revenue in the U.S. market is projected to hit $23 billion. By leveraging consumer trends, and offering a proprietary, turnkey delivery system to its customers, management believes it is uniquely positioned to best serve the needs of the emerging cannabis industry and capture notable market share within the sector. For more information, please visit and review Driven’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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