Earth Science Tech Inc. (ETST) Uses Unique CO2 Extraction Process, Offers Distinctive Full-Spectrum Products

  • ETST’s super-critical extraction process from industrial hemp plants keeps plants’ natural occurring properties intact
  • ETST plans expansion of CBD products over the next five years
  • Company’s products offer “full spectrum” cannabinoid profile, whereas most cannabis companies focus on the benefits of CBD alone

Earth Science Tech Inc. (OTCQB: ETST), a diverse biotech company focused on the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields, offers a unique product line of full-spectrum cannabinoid oils that have a distinct advantage in the competitive nutraceutical market. ETST’s high-pressure, low-heat CO2 extraction process delivers seven distinct cannabinoids, maximizing all the natural therapeutic benefits of the industrial hemp plant ( (

The unique process of extraction from industrial hemp plants grown by generational farmers in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky results in a full-spectrum cannabinoid oil that is natural and free from synthetic cannabinoids found in some competitors’ products. In addition, the CO2 extraction process results in more of the natural-occurring properties of the plant being left intact. ETST believes Its formulations and proprietary products are unique and distinguish the company from the competition. In its September 2019 SEC filing, Earth Science Tech said it plans to expand manufacturing and marketing of its CBD products over the next five years.

The ETST SEC filing and analysis report said the company intends to create CBD-rich hemp oil and other CBD-containing products unique to the current market in the nutraceuticals industry. Earth Science Tech believes its proprietary formulations set it apart from competing products for promoting health. The company intends to offer its line of health and nutrition products to consumers online and through brick-and-mortar clinics, pharmacies, and retail stores. ETST’s unique products include high-quality supplement brands and proprietary, CBD-rich hemp oil.

“We believe our high-grade, CBD-rich hemp oil contains the high-quality, natural CBD because it’s formulated using a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, including super-critical extraction process (CO2), isolation and micron filtration,” the SEC filing noted. “Super-critical extraction is a gentle approach and the key method in the extraction of our CBD. The method exploits the fact that CO2 at low temperature and under high pressure becomes liquid and thereby draws the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.” The process results in more detectable amounts of important cannabinoids than found in some competitor products, ETST said. The company also noted that its hemp oil is lab tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, from seed to shelf. Tests include cannabinoid panel content, terpenoids, micros and residual solvents.

While many cannabis companies are touting the benefits of CBD only in their products, ETST’s products boast a cannabinoid profile with higher content and detectable amounts of other important cannabinoids. For consumers desirous of the full range of benefits cannabinoids have to offer, ETST’s “full spectrum” products deliver on that promise.

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