ECH Appoints Medical Board to Help Drive Cannabis Revolution

European Cannabis Holdings (ECH), the unrivaled group of companies at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry, has appointed four leading experts to form its new Medical Board. These new positions precede some significant corporate developments at the ECH group over the coming weeks. 

  1. Professor Mike Barnes, a world-renowned neurologist and consultant in rehabilitation medicine, heads the board as the company’s Chief Medical Officer.
  2. He is supported by Dr. David McDowell, who consults on chronic pain and is actively involved in enabling medicinal cannabis use in the UK.
  3. Dr. Dani Gordon has been named Director of Education, given her experience as a world-leading expert in clinical cannabis medicine in Canada over the last few years. She has now relocated to London.
  4. ECH’s resident GP is Dr. Leon Barron, who practices in the London area, focusing on mental health, respiratory medicine and chronic pain, and advocates the need for a holistic approach to patient care.

The board members’ expertise in neurology and chronic pain – conditions for which patients struggle to receive adequate care and which have been shown to be receptive to cannabis-based treatments – will support ECH in identifying industry firsts and appointing a wider team of medical cannabis pioneers to the company.

ECH portfolio companies include The Academy of Medical Cannabis, the online learning platform dedicated to educating doctors on cannabis as a medicine, Cannabis Europa, the foremost arena to share knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe, and Prohibition Partners, the market intelligence consultancy.

All of these thought leadership platforms point to positive patient feedback emerging from the use of prescription cannabis. A recent survey by the United Patients Alliance found more than three-quarters of 1,750 patients with problems including depression, anxiety, pain and spasms saw significant improvements in their condition with cannabis use.

Stephen Murphy, Co-Founder, says: “The European cannabis market is undergoing a transformative moment, driven by sky-rocketing demand. This demand has pushed national governments across the continent into action and Europe is poised to become a hotbed for new medicinal development.

“We are excited to be working with such knowledgeable and influential names who will be instrumental in shaping the future of cannabis here in the UK and across Europe. By providing much-needed leadership in the medical cannabis space, their voices will add weight to calls for diminishing regulatory barriers.”

Professor Mike Barnes, Chief Medical Officer, adds: “Cannabis is the most exciting medical development of the early 21stcentury. Attitudes in Europe are beginning to change, evidenced by recent legislation passed in the UK, Portugal and Malta. However, there remains much to be done with regards to educating healthcare professionals, patients and the wider public. Raising awareness is the first step towards widespread adoption of cannabis treatments, which will improve patient outcomes and ultimately drive medical progress.”

ECH is shaping the future of legal cannabis while firmly entrenched at the forefront of the European industry. This unrivalled group of companies provides leadership, innovation and growth through a portfolio that includes market intelligence firm Prohibition Partners, conference organizer Cannabis Europa, CBD distributor Amkeu and online learning platform The Academy of Medical Cannabis. These holdings provide ECH with a fundamental anchor in the cannabis investment market, while helping it define this emerging industry.

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