Eden Labs LLC is the Green Solution for Extraction Equipment

Eden Labs LLC. has been developing and providing plant based extraction equipment out of Seattle, Washington for some of the largest and most respected companies involved in the cannabis sector for the past 21 years. The company prides itself on developing top of the line, trusted, botanical extraction and distillation equipment to provide customers with the most efficient runs with the highest yields on the market.  Eden Labs offers extractors equipment that is efficient, secure, and adaptable for their needs whether they are running commercial or small scale operations.


Hi-Flow™ CO2 Extraction Machine

HiFlow™CO2 Extraction machines from Eden Labs is a supercritical fluid extraction machine that has been uniquely engineered by the company from the ground up. The system can be bought with both manual and automated extraction systems. Extraction machines that utilize CO2 utilize a temperature controlled and pressurized environment to create pure, clean, and quality produced oil from the cannabis plant. The end result is non-toxic and provides consumers with an efficient product that they know is safe for them to consume.


Coldfinger™ Ethanol Extraction Machine










Coldfinger™ Ethanol Extraction Machines from Eden Labs enables herbal extraction, fine liquor distillation, steam distillation, and solvent recovery that will offer extractors fast, clean, and versatile equipment that can fit small scale and large scale operations. This equipment can help extractors to develop and extract compounds like terpenes and the development of safe and effective cannabinoids for buyers. Dried cannabis is suspended in a basket below a pool of solvent and gentle heat is applied so that the condenser can extract the oil evenly and throughly. The end result produces a thick, concentrated extract that is bound to be impressive for buyers.

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