Elixinol Launches First Ever Ad Campaign in Japan for CBD Products

Elixinol, an Australian based hemp derived CBD company with manufacturing facilities in the United States, has launched the first ever Cannabidiol (CBD) based ad campaign to promote its products in Japan. The first ad was placed in Tokyo’s Omotesando train station.

The new ad is promoting Elixinol’s hemp derived CBD tinctures and their product is being promoted in Japan as a nutritional product with superior antioxidant qualities and health benefits. The company currently sells hemp derived CBD capsules, tinctures, raw oils, topical, and per treats in multiple countries around the world.

Under Japanse federal law Cannabidiol oil is only legal when it is extracted from the non-psychoactive industrial hemp plant and with much convincing Elixinol is the first company to gain advertising approval in the country.

Japan allowing Elixinol to promote their CBD products throughout the country indicates that the international community is starting to approve of CBD oil for its medicinal properties. The allowance of marketing campaigns surrounding CBD products also shows the value of these product as a commercial commodity.

“Approval to commercially advertise our Hemp Oil Drops is a major win for the hemp industry and comes after many months of working with the relevant authorities to gain authorization,” said Makoto Matsumaru, CEO of Elixinol Japan.