Emblem and Canntab Therapeutics Gain Approval from Health Canada for R&D of Cannabinoid-Based Oral Sustained Release Formulation

Emblem Corp. (TSX-V:EMC) (TSX-V:EMC.WT) and Canntab Therapeutics Limited (CSE:PILL) announced this morning that they have received approval from Health Canada for research and development of cannabinoid based products with an oral sustained release formulation.

 Development and processing equipment has arrived tp Emblem’s Paris, Ontario location and the companies will begin making the first pivotal batch of products this week using its patented technology and proprietary processes. The initial batch will be rigorously testing by third-party laboratories. After the R&D Emblem and Canntab intend to submit their products to
Health Canada for review and approval.

Emblem and Cannta will be collaborating on the formulation, clinical development, regulatory approval and commercialization of a range of additional cannabinoid containing pharmaceutical formulations.

“The extended release tablet is the perfect pharmaceutical dosage form. It’s a game changer for the medical community and solves many problems for patients. We are excited to be working with Emblem to bring this innovative product to market,” said Jeffrey Renwick, CEO of Canntab, in the press release.