Former NBA Player Al Harrington Launches New CBD Company

Al Harrington former NBA basketball player, who averaged 14 points per game over the course of his career , hosted an event this weekend launching a CBD based company called Harrington Wellness. Harrington Wellness is a newly developed product line that will contain industrial hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD). The newly founded company will produce, develop, and market the new product line likely to be in stores this summer.

Harrington Wellness is one of three different companies the former star has launched as of late. Harrington currently has products for sales under the companies Viola Extracts, an extraction company that sells shatter, wax, and live resin for medicinal purposes, and Butter Baby, an edible company. All three companies operate as subsidiaries under the parent company called The Harrington Group.


The event was held at a dinner in Beverly Hills, California that was attended by a numerous current and former NBA stars. Players that attended the event were names like Kyle Lowry, star of the Toronto Raptors, and Trevor Ariza, formed NBA champion who currently plays for the Houston Rockets. Even the coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers Tyron Lue attented the event.