Front Range Biosciences Introduces A New Class of THCv Genetics That Will Boost Market Opportunities for New Consumer Experiences and Functional Products

Front Range Biosciences® (“FRB”), a cannabis and hemp genetics platform company, leveraging next generation breeding technology and R&D, today became one of the first genetics providers to launch a new product line of high THCv plant varieties, in California, with availability in Colorado through licensed partners leveraging FRB’s technology platform. This first generation product line is among the highest producers of THCv available, containing more than 20% total cannabinoids, more than 8% THCv, and over 2% grassy and fruity terpenes. These new varieties yield twice the yield of typical THCv producing plants. THCv is rare and has been an elusive minor cannabinoid until now, with exciting new properties for consumers that report appetite suppression and energizing, less psychoactive experiences.

“FRB is continually developing new genetics to help growers, brands, and consumers find new applications for cannabis,” said Dr. Jonathan Vaught, CEO of Front Range Biosciences. “The cannabis market is evolving quickly, and consumers are constantly looking for new and unique experiences, just like in other CPG industries. We are leveraging genomics driven breeding to rapidly develop new products for cannabis companies and brands, unlocking new product opportunities from the incredible diversity of chemistry this plant produces. THCv represents just one of many new products we are making more accessible to the supply chain from this versatile plant through breeding, and we have many other unique products in development for other potential categories like edible ingredients, nutraceuticals and even pharmaceuticals.

This is the first THCv product line from FRB’s world-renowned breeding program and expansive cannabis genetics library. This revolutionary THCv variety will pave the way for more unique consumer products, medical research and therapeutics. There is also a growing body of research linking THCv to a number of potential therapeutic benefits, including regulating tremors and seizures in ALS and Parkinson’s patients, blocking fight or flight responses in PTSD, and acting as an effective analgesic for treating pain and migraines.

Since FRB’s strain debuted on the market in California, it has become a favorite among local consumers. “It has a smooth, spicy-sweet smoke that creates a functional high. The THCv allows me to stay focused throughout the day, and I love that it’s the opposite of most cannabis flower and keeps the munchies at bay,” said Tricia Goldberg.

FRB’s latest offering makes THCv more accessible by providing genetics that drastically increase yields, significantly reduce harvest times, deliver a variety of terpenes for improved flavor, as well as produce significantly higher levels of THCv, compared to the limited number of other THCv genetics that are currently available. These improvements in the finished product profile will open the door for new product opportunities for THCv flower-based products including smokable flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates, providing exciting new experiences for cannabis consumers.

“THCv, along with other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and even flavonoids, have been a challenging group of traits for breeders to develop while maintaining the level of vigor and yield needed to introduce these products into the supply chain effectively,” says Dr. Reggie Gaudino, VP of R&D for Front Range Biosciences. “The many years of genomics and chemistry research our team has been committed to for cannabis is allowing us to help growers and product companies do so much more with the plant than what was possible, even just a few years ago.”

Growers have faced challenges producing cannabis containing high THCv content. The price of THCv has remained high due to significant lack of supply, and product availability has been extremely limited. This new class of THCv genetic products provides a timely solution to both issues, creating lucrative opportunities for cultivators and operators.

About Front Range Biosciences
Front Range Biosciences is a premier cannabis and hemp genetics platform company, creating and supporting innovative new products across multiple industries by combining next generation agricultural technologies with the world’s top hemp and cannabis R&D program. FRB provides leading-edge solutions to growers, brands, and product manufacturers through its unique varieties of seeds, young plants, and technology licensing to drive product development and production efficiency for cannabis and hemp derived products. Since 2015, the company has been dedicated to creating new product opportunities and solving challenges throughout the supply chain by leveraging proprietary next generation breeding, chemistry, and tissue culture technologies. In addition to FRB’s groundbreaking technology, the company has also established genetics services dedicated to the California market and a Shimadzu sponsored Hemp Center of Excellence with top-tier researchers to encourage further innovation in the industry. FRB is the company of choice for cultivators that demand unique, quality, consistent products. For more information on Front Range Biosciences, visit

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