Fyllo Launches Cannabis Derived Audiences, Part of the Fyllo Data Marketplace

Fyllo, the world’s first single-solution compliance technology for highly-regulated industries, announced today the launch of Cannabis Derived Audiences, a new data set that provides cannabis-endemic audience profiles to mainstream marketers for programmatic media buying and audience targeting. Part of the Fyllo Data Marketplace, this data has been previously inaccessible to marketers and represents the first and largest cannabis-endemic audience data marketplace. Fyllo’s Cannabis Derived Audiences will initially be available to the broader ad tech ecosystem through its partnership with Eyeota, a leading audience technology platform. Fyllo is also prioritizing additional partnerships to further expand access and distribution to digital media platforms.

Sourced from leading e-commerce, loyalty, and CRM platforms Fyllo has aggregated millions of unmodeled cannabis consumer profiles in its database – a significant number as it represents about half of the total legal market for tracked cannabis purchasers. Ambitious marketers can now leverage Cannabis Derived Audiences to enrich segmentation and enhance audience targeting throughout the purchase funnel.

As the use of cannabis and CBD products grows among U.S. adults, Cannabis Derived Audiences is a powerful tool in the arsenal for marketers in mainstream verticals such as CPG, Retail, QSR, and Health/Wellness. Fyllo’s endemic audiences, such as edible, sativa or recreational purchasers, can be overlaid on traditional audiences – the hiking enthusiasts, fast food lovers, or heavy wine drinkers – to create a new series of segments that resonate well with traditional audiences but also target the modern cannabis purchaser persona.

“We are delighted to partner with Fyllo who is the first company to offer advertisers the ability to specifically target cannabis and CBD purchasers with personalized messaging,” said Howard Luks, Managing Director, Americas at Eyeota. “Now legal in over 33 states, this presents an exciting opportunity for brands to tap into an entirely new audience data set.”

“It’s rare that an entirely new data set comes to market that can drive innovation,” said Chad Bronstein, founder and CEO of Fyllo. “Our initial partnership with Eyeota allows us to bring Cannabis Derived Audiences to market at an enterprise level, with the data quality, compliance and privacy rigor the ad tech industry expects. We look forward to enabling access of an entirely new data set so brands across CPG, Retail, QSR, Pharma and Health/Wellness verticals can tap into an entirely new set of data attributes to drive efficiencies and enhance campaigns.”

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