Globus Pharma Plans to Build the Largest Greenhouse Compound in Israel

Globus Pharma will continue its pursuit of becoming the top cannabis company in Israel, despite a current stalemate between their  major government agencies regarding the international exportation of cannabis. The finance, justice, and agricultural miniseries are in favor of the exports whereas the prime mister and parliament have yet to make a final decision on the matter.

Globus Pharma holds four different types of permits in Israel to grow, market, and distribute medical cannabis. The company is in the process of merging with Tel Aviv-listed shelf company called Together Startup Network Ltd., which will form a new company called Together Pharma.

Together Pharma also plans to construct a series of  greenhouses on five acres of land with the help of Yamko Had Industries Ltd, a subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments Ltd., which specializes in large- scale agricultural construction. Yamko will provide the necessary infrastructure and technology for heating, cooling, and fertilizing the cannabis crops.

The new company has made bold moves in hopes of favorable legislation approval from the Israeli government. If permitted, Together Pharma plans to export cannabis to Canada and Germany.