GP Solutions Named Top 7 Vertical Farming Companies

GP Solutions (OTC:GWPD), a leading developer of automated micro-farms, is pleased to announce it was named one of the top 7 vertical farming companies in America.

The article, which appeared in CannaNews, referenced a study at Carnegie Mellon University, and stated: “Greenhouse cultivation has evolved to highly sophisticated controlled environment agriculture facilities.”

“The vertical farming market will grow to $3 billion by 2024, from virtually nothing a few years ago. In some sectors, indoor farming is providing a strong foundation for healthy profits,” the article stated.

The article also noted why the sector is growing so rapidly:

  1. More people continue to live in cities than do in rural areas, and this means the demand for fresh produce will increase in urban areas.
  2. Vertical farming provides a low-cost entry to farming. This is especially useful in the cannabis industry where traditional greenhouses require land that could cost many millions of dollars.

The article featured a section on GP Solutions and its partner, Micro Lab Farms. It reported:

“GP Solutions developed ‘GrowPods’ – finely tuned, automated, transportable and scalable micro-farms that have been shown to grow all types of crops, including cannabis, at a faster rate than conventional means of agriculture.

“GrowPods allow cultivation to take place year-round, which maximizes ROI. The systems are sealed from outside pathogens, contaminants, pesticides and chemicals, and produce clean and robust crops.

“The company has licensed its technology to Micro Lab Farms for the cannabis market. The Pods from Micro Lab Farms differ slightly from the regular GrowPods in that they have been specifically tuned for the production of cannabis.”

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