GP Solutions Partners with Snoop’s Premium Nutrients to Create Specialized Co-branded Grow Pods and Become Distributer of Nutrients

GP Solutions (OTC:GWPD), the developer of highly innovative automated micro-farms trade-named “GrowPods,” has inked a deal to become a distributor of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients. Additionally, GP Solutions will produce a series of customized co-branded GrowPods.

The deal allows GP Solutions to create specially configured “Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Pods.” Customers will receive a 6-month supply of the premium nutrients with the purchase of each Pod.

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients is a premier product line, developed in Holland exclusively for the cannabis market.

“I have a long time passion for the best quality plants and have come to learn that you only get quality out if you put quality in,” Snoop Dogg said. “This is why I reached out to scientists worldwide who could formulate a line of nutrients, using only high quality liquid ingredients that deliver exactly what plants need,” he added. “When you’re using Snoop’s Premium Nutrients, get ready for premium yields and quality.”

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients feature:

  • Pharmaceutical grade liquid ingredients sourced from the Netherlands and the UK
  • Highest quality EDDHA chelated Iron
  • Nutrients available for the StartGrow and Bloom phase
  • Bespoke recipes for Non-circulating and Circulating watering systems
  • Revolutionary enriched PK BoosterRoot StimulatorBloom Stimulator and Enzyme products

GP Solutions will be premiering the first Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Pods at CannaCon South, September 27-28 in Oklahoma City.

“This is an enormous opportunity for our company that will heighten visibility in the cannabis market and give growers a complete solution for rapid and robust cultivation,” George Natzic, CEO of GP Solutions said. “We are now positioned as the most complete turnkey system in the industry.”

For more information, visit:, or call (855) 247-8054.

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