Green Bits, a Cannabis POS Software Company, Expects $100 Million in Retail Sales by 2021

Green Bits, and its CEO Ben Curren, has created compliant point of sale and retail solution software for the cannabis industry. The company started out of Washington state in 2014 and now expanded the sales of its tech to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon, which led to over $10 million dollars in sales in 2017 alone.

When a medical cannabis dispensary applies to become a recreational, one thing is for certain: they must follow the mandates and laws set in place by the State in order to operate their business legally. They are required to track, trace, and account for every bud and dollars that flows through their operation which makes companies like Green Bits a necessity.

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The amazing thing about the Green Bit technology is that the company’s software arrives setup to be compliant within modified State regulation requirements depending upon what state you do business.

The company grew its operations without outside investment until investors from Sillicon Valley participated in a $3 million convertible debt financing last year. CEO Ben Curren is optimistic that the company will soon expand nationally, even internationally, which will lead to them achieving $100 million in revenue by 2021.