Green Party in Australia Proposes New Cannabis Legalization Bill

The Green Party in Australia has proposed a new bill to legalize the consumption of cannabis on a commercial scale throughout the continent. If passed citizens will be allowed to grow up to 6 plants within their home, as well as, establish rules for commercial cannabis stores throughout Australia.

The Green Party hopes to create and establish the “Australian Cannabis Agency” (ACA). The ACA will become a collection of experts, government regulators, and medical scientists that will help establish and monitor the legal industry in the land down under.

The Green Party’ is introducing this new bill because they feels that the “the war on drugs” has failed the Australian people. One-third of the Australian population has been found to consume cannabis in some form or another and the Green Party feels that by legalizing its use that drug-dealers would become unmotivated to sell it and individuals would no longer be put in jail for non-violent marijuana crimes.

A recent poll taken throughout the country found that only 30% of the Australian people are in favor of legalization but, the Green Party faces the most push back from the Aussie Health Minister Greg Hunt who believes the plant to be “a gateway drug.” Despite the Health Ministers comments, the Green Party has started the conversation and introduced cannabis legalization into the national spotlight.

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