Greenbox Robotics debuts its “self dispensing cannabis kiosk” in Los Angeles

Greenbox Robotics LLC. has introduced an interactive touch screen kiosk that vends cannabinoid based products to both medical and recreational users. It has the ability to dispense multiple items during one transaction. The kiosk is temperature controlled and allows dispensary owners to identify purchasing trends and shelf life.

Greenbox will allow its kiosks to contain cannabis flowers, edibles, extracts, CBD products, and cannabis accessories. The machine opens up like the trunk of an SUV and is to be stocked by dispensary owners – who pay an installation and monthly upkeep fee. The monthly fee comes with recommendations based on purchase data.

As of now, greenbox can be found in two Los Angeles Dispensaries – Erba Collective and Marina Caregivers. Although only initially available in the dispensary market, greenbox has plans to expand into hotels, music festivals, convenient stores, and more. These machines will initially offer CBD only to comply with the legislation and public setting.

The kiosk also has facial recognition ability to verify users, and will take debit and credit cards once legislation permits. Users can even check in real time what kiosks are stocked with via the greenbox app.

According to their website, “…greenbox is the first fully automated cannabis kiosk. From the moment we step out the door, our daily lives are simplified by the wonders of modern day automation. Whether it’s pre-ordering your Starbucks on your phone, printing your plane ticket at an airport kiosk, or simply ordering your groceries online, automation is the grease that keeps this high-paced world spinning. So why should buying your cannabis and CBD be any different?”