GreenSTOP Inc. Is Changing the Way You Visit the Cannabis Dispensaries

At first glance, GreenSTOP, Inc. is a technology driven ancillary provider for medicinal cannabis dispensaries in the United States. When you look much deeper, the company is filling a necessary niche in how you would visit your local dispensary.


GreenSTOP, Inc. was started by CEO, Mr. Timothy Island, who first conceived the idea when visiting his local dispensary in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Island identified a dilemma with an errand that should be as easy as going to your local 7-11 for a treat.

Medical dispensaries in Los Angeles are often packed with customers which leads to long wait times, rushed staff members behind the counter, and in the end a difficulty for the consumer in understanding the type and quality of the cannabis they are receiving.

GreenSTOP is a fully integrated, self-service platform that will revolutionize the medical and recreational cannabis collectives all over the country. It gives customers the choice of placing their order through their mobile device through GreenSTOP’s app or ordering through an automated kiosk when arriving at their favorite dispensary. GreenSTOP is the only company on the market offering a 4 user self service kiosk, which when implemented is guaranteed to speed up the delivery of medical product to its patients.

Investing in GreenSTOP gives dispensary owners an advantage over their competitors, as well as, the ability to maximize profits. Their technology limits the need to hire a multitude of untrained employees to manage and allows the business owner to control every aspect of their operation. GreenSTOP’s smart dispensary platform does the work for you and allows the business owner to control inventory accurately and precisely.

GreenSTOP will official launch its platform to the public in winter 2018.

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