Grow Glide Announces Hiring of Ken Frate, formerly of CannaCribs, as Director of Business Development

The leader in vertical cannabis racking, Grow Glide, today announced the hiring of Ken Frate as the Director of Business Development.

While at CannaCribs Frate was responsible for developing pre-production strategies, sales goals and closing hundreds of sponsorship deals across the cannabis industry, worth millions of dollars. The episodes he spearheaded helped the team to generate clicks and views in the millions on behalf of the cultivations he assisted.

Ken added, “From the second I met Travis Schwartz and Darin Siples I knew that they had a game changing product in the cannabis space. Grow Glide is not just the best cannabis vertical racking solution, the company is poised to impact nearly every inefficiency throughout a cannabis cultivation. Now that I’ve seen behind the curtain and am privy to our R&D, I can say with certainty that our upcoming product line will optimize and change the game for growers that demand the best in class products for their employees. I’m beyond thrilled to take on this new challenge.”

Grow Glide CEO Travis Schwarz offered, “Ken not only brings a best in the cannabis business network of trusted relationships, he has a strategic vision to uplevel our entire sales organization and meet our very ambitious revenue goals. This hiring is a key moment in our company and serves as a signal that Grow Glide is a serious player, not only with our vertical racking solution, but with the many other innovative cannabis growing solutions in our product pipeline.”

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Grow Glide was founded in California to accomplish one mission: to find solutions that fit the needs of cultivators affordably and seamlessly. We didn’t simply study a market, we lived it. And when we couldn’t find a solution we needed, we went out and created it, utilizing a decade of growing knowledge and spending years in research and development. Grow Glide was built by growers, for growers.

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