Grow Glide Announces New Project With Nature’s Medicines

Grow Glide, the industry leader in vertical, mobile cannabis cultivation solutions, announced a partnership with vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator, Nature’s Medicines, to provide their newest facility in Uxbridge, Massachusetts with their premium vertical racking solution. The agreement also calls for Nature’s Medicines Uxbridge facility to be one of the first equipped with as yet unannounced Grow Glide products.

Aligning with Nature’s Medicines rigorous cultivation standards, this expansion combines double-tiered flower rooms, a custom mix of triple-tiered & five-tiered veg room, and a five-tiered clone room. This unique design maximizes the facility’s canopy square footage and ensures optimized cultivation workflow.

Grow Glide CEO, Travis Schwartz, remarked, “Grow Glide is honored to have been chosen by Nature’s Medicines for their newest expansion. This facility is a phenomenal example of Grow Glide’s commitment to provide custom solutions for each of our horticultural customers. Moreover, Nature’s Medicines is a leader in the cannabis space and it’s clear that after a rigorous evaluation of all companies on the market, they chose Grow Glide because of our innovative vertical growth solutions and grower first perspective. We look forward to many more projects with Nature’s Medicines and a long lasting partnership.”

Nature’s Medicines CEO Jigar Patel added, “Here at Nature’s Medicines, we have a passionate appreciation and relationship with science and technology. Partnering with Grow Glide ensures we have a partner who understands those values and will constantly be growing and innovating alongside us. The future of cannabis is maintaining consistency for our customers and delivering ROI for our investors. This partnership delivers on both.”

About Grow Glide

Grow Glide was founded in California to accomplish one mission: to find solutions that fit the needs of cultivators affordably and seamlessly. We didn’t simply study a market, we lived it. And when we couldn’t find a solution we needed, we went out and created it, utilizing a decade of growing knowledge and spending years in research and development. Grow Glide was built by growers, for growers.