HealCoRx, HealCo’s Direct-To-Consumer Online Pharmacy and Wellness Collective, Revealed

The Jersey City-based startup that’s mission is rooted in simplifying access to healthcare, has now expanded its product to include direct-to-consumer prescriptions as part of its wellness collective. HealCoRx is an online pharmacy where New Jersey patients can access targeted therapeutics at significantly discounted prices.

In 2020, HealCo created the nation’s first Health System Without Walls™, combining virtual mental health care with in-person physician office visits. Now, the community-driven organization has further expanded its service offerings, allowing patients to receive discounted medications mailed directly to their homes while being able to participate in a personalized, asynchronous chat room with a virtual health team of providers, pharmacists, and therapists. The company aims to create a best-in-class hybrid tele-medical experience, bridging the gap between digital health and traditional brick-and-mortar office visits.

Not only facilitating a ‘shame-free’ care experience for patients, HealCo also supercharges provider practices by granting access to new patient customers. HealCo provider members can offer wellness bundles and treatment plans to both new and existing patients, while HealCoRx patients build a foundation of health and wellness through virtual visits and asynchronous conversations with physicians, pharmacists, and mental health providers. HealCoRx means never having to go to multiple doctor’s offices or experience the shame and judgement often associated with treatments.

Prescription requests in minutes

Apart from having expert care at their fingertips, HealCoRx enables patients to seamlessly request medications online to be delivered to their doorstep. Those suffering from sexual health, mental health, skincare, and pain-inducing conditions are now able to skip the awkward or burdensome in-person conversations with providers and simply cut to the chase. All medications are requested through a HIPAA compliant virtual form and approved by a top New Jersey board-certified physician.

Mental Health STILL Matters

Complementing its new prescription options, HealCo continues to offer complimentary mental health navigation calls for patients to discuss talk therapy treatment options and resources with a licensed therapist. The goal is to de-stigmatize asking for help by simplifying the process of connecting to a professional.

What makes HealCoRx different from other online pharmacies?

Unlike other online pharmacies that use national distribution centers and distant providers, HealCoRx is a digital concierge service, exclusively for New Jersey and New York patients. By utilizing the state’s top physicians, therapists, and pharmacists, the HealCoRx experience goes beyond the convenience of discounted medications directly to a patient’s doorstep. Wellness options available include:

  • Complimentary talk therapy navigation call with a licensed psychologist
  • Direct access to top NY and NJ physicians and pharmacists in a virtual medical office with a neighborhood feel [private 24/7 chat room coming soon!]
  • Medical cannabis license requests
  • Ongoing health and wellness content

HealCo’s network of providers are New York and New Jersey-based, so patients who still want an in-person visit can schedule an appointment at their HealCo physician’s medical office. In the coming weeks, the company also intends to announce several partnerships with statewide employers as part of a mental health and wellness initiative for employees.

Coming Soon: HealCoRx Will Proudly Accept Cryptocurrencies

True to its commitment of creating stigma-free access to top NY and NJ physicians and medications, HealCoRx accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) as well as cash payments. Acceptance of the cryptocurrency allows patients to pay for treatment with autonomy and discretion, so that their method of payment, like the rest of their HealCo experience, is shame-free and in their control. Get started as a HealCoRx customer today.