Hemp Logic and Power Zone Agriculture Announce HempHub Tour 2018

Hemp Logic, an all-encompassing industrial hemp company, and Power Zone Agriculture, a agricultural technology and manufacturing company, have announced their plan for the HempHub Tour of 2018. The companies will tour industrial hemp farms throughout the country to raise awareness as well as encourage farmers to grow hemp.

The HempHub tour will be traveling with a decortication machine that has the ability to process 10’s of tons of hemp within a couple hours. Decortication machines are a form of ag-technology that helps separate the outer bast fiber from the inner woody core of the plant called the hurd but, they are expensive. The machine values in at around $2m.

Most farmers do not own enough capital to buy their own processing equipment for the industrial hemp. One of the major hurdles for industrial hemp is the processing the raw material into finished goods. The process can take weeks to properly dry and then process industrial hemp.  The HempHub Tour will give farmers the opportunity to process their hemp as
well as raise awareness for the industry and its needs
around the country.

Public companies in the industrial hemp industry like Global Hemp Group, Inc. (CSE: GHG) (OTC: GBHPF) have begun to introduce the idea of setting up Hemp Agro-Industrial Zones, or HAIZ, around the world. The concept implementing HAIZ requires the companys coordinatation between capital, farmers, and labor across all of the different industrial products produced from  the hemp plant to produce value to its shareholders and a greater social and environmental impact. The company also completed the first season of industrial hemp trials in NewBrunswick, Canada at the end of 2017. The first step in setting up a commercial production in Canada.

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