HERBL Signs Exclusive Distribution Partnership With Bella Thorne’s Cannabis Lifestyle Brand, Forbidden Flowers

HERBL, California’s largest cannabis supply chain solutions company, today announced its exclusive distribution partnership with Forbidden Flowers, a line of thoughtfully curated cannabis products created by American actress, model, singer and entrepreneur Bella Thorne in collaboration with Glass House Group.

Launched in 2019, Forbidden Flowers’ selection of beautifully packaged and sun grown fresh flower eighths and pre-rolls has been immensely popular among young female consumers, one of the fastest-growing demographics in the industry. HERBL will help scale Forbidden Flowers’ current retail footprint, which spans 57 locations throughout California, through its expansive network of retail partners.

“Forbidden Flowers’ authentic and empowering branding, in addition to its high quality offerings, resonates with a rising female demographic that will likely dictate future industry trends,” said Mike Beaudry, founder and CEO of HERBL. “Our team is intentional about partnering with brands that are not only loved by their consumers but also align with our own commitment to building a world-class industry, and we look forward to working with Bella and the Glass House team to bring Forbidden Flowers to new audiences.”

“Cannabis has played a significant role in my mental and physical well-being, and I developed Forbidden Flowers to share my love for the plant and help others who may be searching for natural ways to ease daily stressors,” said Bella Thorne. “I am grateful to HERBL for believing in my long-term vision for Forbidden Flowers and allowing our team to connect with even more individuals who identify with our brand’s unapologetic and free-spirited personality.”

In April of this year, Glass House Group announced a $567M business combination via SPAC with Mercer Park BRND Acquisition Corp. Once public, Glass House Group will be the most expansive, fully-integrated, publicly-listed cannabis business in California. Utilizing Mercer Park’s investment, Glass House Group has plans to build a 5.5M sq. ft. state-of-the-art greenhouse facility. With this new unmatched cultivation capacity, Bella Thorne’s 24M Instagram followers, and HERBL’s extensive supply chain, Forbidden Flowers is well positioned to supply the rapidly growing consumer demand for their products.

HERBL is California’s largest cannabis supply chain solutions company servicing more than 850 storefront and non-storefront retail licensees. Founded in 2016, HERBL brings the state’s top cannabis retailers and best-selling brands together through innovative technology, unparalleled service, dedicated sales team, and high-security, state-of-the-art facilities and fleet. HERBL’s team consists of a strong mix of legacy cannabis operators and entrepreneurs alongside distribution and retail experts with extensive experience in large-scale global supply chains. Exclusive brand partners include the #1 selling flower, vape, and concentrate brands. To learn more, visit www.HERBL.com or follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

About Glass House Group
Glass House Group is one of the fastest-growing, privately held, vertically integrated cannabis and hemp companies in the U.S., with a decisive focus on the California market and building leading, lasting brands to serve consumers across all segments. From its greenhouse  cultivation operations to its manufacturing practices, from brand-building to retailing, the company’s efforts are rooted in the respect for people, the environment, and the community that co-founders Kyle Kazan and Graham Farrar instilled at the outset. Through its portfolio of brands, which includes Glass House Farms, Forbidden Flowers, and Mama Sue Wellness, Glass House Group is committed to realizing its vision of excellence: outstanding cannabis products, produced sustainably, for the benefit of all. For more information and company updates, visit www.glasshousegroup.com.

About Forbidden Flowers
Forbidden Flowers is a thoughtfully curated, exclusive line of cannabis products created by American actress, model, singer and business mogul Bella Thorne in collaboration with Glass House Group. Founded in 2019, Forbidden Flowers was born from Bella’s love of cannabis and aims to destigmatize the plant and empower those who use it. Like Bella Thorne herself, Forbidden Flowers is sexy, cheeky and free-spirited. From its beautifully crafted packaging to its uniquely named strains, Forbidden Flowers is unapologetic, authentic and raw. The Forbidden Flowers brand currently offers a variety of fresh flower cannabis in formats including eighths, multi-packs and prerolls. Forbidden Flowers is part of the Glass House Group family of brands. For more information and brand updates, visit www.forbiddenflowers.com