Herbpon is an E-Commerce Based Discount Marketplace for the Cannabinoid Industry

Herbpon is a new company based out of San Diego, California that operates a digital commerce based marketplace directly promoting discounted goods and services centered around the medical and recreational cannabinoid market.

Herbpon partners directly with dispensaries, retail stores, recreational cannabis shops, and other related companies to market and offer a wide range of goods and services to consumers and vacationers around the city.

The company offers individuals the ability to search through, find deals, purchase, and redeem their deals through their website Herbpon.com. In todays marketplace convenience is the key when discussing a merchant and customer relationship. Herbpon offers a unique service for retail outlets to advertise their discounted goods to locals in San Diego in a convenient and straightforward manner.

The focus is to offer their customers the ability to find discounts on products that include daily deals associated with local medical or recreational dispensary, hemp derived CBD products, high quality glassware, rolling papers, grinders, doctors recommendations, and a number of different types of goods and services.

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