House Bill 312 Calls for Recreational Cannabis in New Mexico

House Bill 312 was introduced last week by state representative Javier Martinez, which if passed will set in motion the first legislation to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis in the state of New Mexico.

Many feel that reforms are long overdue, with more than 60% of the citizens that live in New Mexico are in favor or legalization. Since seeing the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes being generated by states like Colorado, other states have been following suit, falling like dominoes.

“The war on marijuana has been a miserable failure,’’ said Javier Martinez. “We spend millions of dollars criminalizing people who use marijuana without seeing benefits to public health or safety…. A marijuana conviction can have tragic long-term consequences for individuals and families…. The punishment doesn’t fit the offense and New Mexicans agree we should remove penalties and instead tax and regulate marijuana.”

With 29 medical states and 9 other states voting in recreational cannabis, it’s only a matter of time before the illegal cannabis states become the minority. The major question is what will the federal government do once the vast majority of its nations state have legalized cannabis for recreational consumption.

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