Indicaloud Releases New Varieties of Delta 8 THC Flower, Moon Rocks, Kief Rolls, Shisha and Pre-Rolls for An Even More Euphoric Experience

Indicaloud, a producer of high-quality, lab-tested delta 8 products, has launched new strains of its popular line of delta 8 Flower, Kief Rolls, Pre-Rolls, Moon Rocks, and has introduced an innovative D8 Herbal Shisha. Indicaloud fans can not only explore a new kind of high with different ways to consume delta 8, but they can also experience enhanced benefits from the infusion of other premium cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, and terpenes designed to encourage the entourage effect. Check out photos of the new products here.

The new varieties include:

  • Moon Rocks: Superwoman CBD flower, infused with Sour Diesel terpenes and delta 8 distillate, and rolled in CBD kief
  • Flower: White CBG flower infused with delta 8 and Sour Diesel terpenes
  • Kief Roll: Sour Space Candy CBD flower infused with delta 8 and Sour Diesel terpenes, coated in CBD kief
  • Maui Wowie Pre-Roll: A classic sativa with tropical flavors
  • Ekto Kooler Pre-Roll: A sativa-dominant hybrid with old-school flavor
  • Shisha: Sugar cane-based molasses infused with delta 8 and available in mango, blueberry, double apple and mint

New to delta 8? It is a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants that provides similar effects as traditional cannabis, such as stimulating appetite and reducing pain and anxiety, without the added feeling of paranoia that some THC users experience from traditional cannabis. features many educational resources to help consumers learn more about D8 and why they need to look for high-quality, lab-tested products that feature hemp grown in the U.S..

For those looking for another way to consume delta 8, Indicaloud also offers a wide range of D8 candiesgummiesvape pens and concentrates.

Indicaloud products can be purchased in local smoke shops and online in states where delta 8 is currently legal.

About Indicaloud
Indicaloud develops high-quality, compliant, and consistent delta 8 products. Its premium hemp combined with superior ingredients delivers an unmatched experience for those looking to get their head in the clouds without the fog.

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