Industry Leading Sparkling CBD Drink Launches Nationally

Bimble Beverages announces today the national release of their brand new sparkling drink, Bimble. The beverage features 25mg of hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD –  more than double the CBD content of many CBD beverages on the market. The higher amount of CBD and all-natural ingredients found in Bimble make it a refreshing way to take the edge off modern life without causing impairment.

Founded by a New York City bond trader-turned-beekeeper and CBD enthusiast, Bimble was designed as a natural stress relief alternative that can be incorporated into day-to-day life without slowing you down.

“Modern life can be incredibly stressful,” said Jay Moskowitz, Founder and CEO of Bimble. “As a native New Yorker who spent most of my adult life on Wall Street, I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects that come from relying solely on alcohol to cope with workday and social pressures. I created Bimble to help people manage life’s stressors without impairing their performance or compromising their wellness.”

Bimble contains just five all-natural ingredients and has an original flavor that comes from grapefruit, basil and mint extracts. Sweetened with sustainable raw honey  –  a nod to Moskowitz’s passion for beekeeping  – it contains only 50 calories per 12 ounce bottle and offers a delicious and non-addictive way to achieve a more balanced and relaxed life without the downsides associated with sugary, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Bimble is served in a premium looking, modern glass bottle inspired by the brand’s commitment to ingredient transparency. Bimble can be enjoyed at any point throughout the day, whether you’re anticipating a stressful moment, or incorporating it into your daily wellness routine.

Bimble is currently available for purchase in retail locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and can be ordered online at with nationwide shipping.

To learn more about Bimble, visit, or follow Bimble on Instagram.

About Bimble
Bimble is a high-quality, sparkling CBD drink with no preservatives, uses only raw honey as a sweetener and delivers an industry leading 25mg of domestically-sourced full-spectrum CBD. Created by a former Wall Street bond trader, Bimble provides a natural method of relaxation without impairment. With Bimble, you chill to serve, and serve to chill. For more info, please visit


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