Featured CCT Interview with CEO of Eden Labs AC Braddock

Eden Labs LLC. has been developing and providing plant based extraction equipment out of Seattle, Washington for some of the largest and most respected companies involved in the cannabis sector for the past 21 years. The company prides itself on developing top of the line, trusted, botanical extraction and distillation equipment to provide customers with the most efficient runs with the highest yields on the market. Eden Labs offers extractors equipment that is efficient, secure, and adaptable for their needs whether they are running commercial or small scale operations.

The following is a Cash Crop Today interview with Eden Lab CEO AC Braddock.


1) What motivated you to enter a career running one of the top extraction technology companies involved the sector?

Well, I didn’t actually start off running an extraction equipment manufacturing company. My career started with a motivation to bring healthy consumables to the market place. I got the chance to read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, The Natural Mind by Dr. Annville and The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan.

All of those books are centered around social influences involving botanicals and how they interact with humans. What still motivates me every day is getting those messages across. Most of which is already a substantial social movement centered around how our food is grown, how products are made or processed, and what we put in our bodies. That is what drove me here.

2) What are your duties as CEO running Eden Labs, LLC.?

The things that are nearest and dearest to me are cultivating a company culture that emulates a strong sense of social responsibility and mission in combination with phenomenal customer care. Then, communicating that to government entities, regulators, and business’s to support market creation.

I also develop the company’s long and short-term strategies for product creation, placement, business development, distribution, etc.   I work with our Human Relations department. We have a lot of people on our staff that are extremely creativeand the  goal is to make sure that they are being heard and that their ideas are brought to the table. Obviously a good deal of my time is spent in aligning strategic partnerships and politics.

3) Does Eden Labs offer training to inexperienced extractors looking to develop their own business in this sector of the market?

We have been supporting business’s wanting to get involved in this market since 1994. We absolutely train our clients on how to use our systems but, more importantly we educate on why customers should use particular methodologies and systems. Eden Labs is not only interested in helping these individual businesses but, the industry as a whole. The more these businesses succeed the stronger this industry will become.

 I am the chair of the Board of Directors for NCIA and also the Vice Chair for Washington State’s largest trade organization, The Cannabis Alliance. Looking at business from that perspective, the more successful these companies are the better off we all are. It is very important that our company leads by example and that we share everything that we have learned over the years.

4) What are the issues with using extraction methods utilizing hydrocarbons such as butane or propane?

If done properly, there aren’t many problems with them. There are however challenges that these extraction methodologies face.  It requires having a more expensive facility built out to deal with the possibility of catastrophic explosions, post extraction time is longer than the other extraction methods and regulatory bodies, such as fire departments, have an issue with them because they can be explosive when utilized incorrectly. Though we make them, Eden Labs stopped marketing them to cannabis processors in 2010 because I realized that the media was lumping all extraction and concentration processes into these types of explosions before the hydrocarbon system became more sophisticated.  We were never going to legalize medical across the country without a strong focus around safety and health and that path was through CO2 extraction and ethanol.  As you can see now multiple states have legalized on medical applications based on production of products with supercritical CO2 and ethanol.

5) What are the benefits for extractors utilizing the Hi-Flo™ CO2 Extraction machine? What makes this extraction machine unique?

The Hi-Flo™ system utilizes liquid CO2 throughout the system which is crucial for a fast extraction and a reliable system. In general co2 is a fun solvent because of its tunability.  A wide array of temperatures and pressures can produce a variety of end products from terpene rich vape pen oil that requires no post processing to terpene and THCA fractionation.  However, the most important differentiation with Hi-Flo series is they are fast and extremely reliable.  They are also supported by excellent customer service and over 22 years of experience in botanical extraction.

6) What are some of the end user consumer products can be developed through utilizing CO2 extraction of the industrial hemp and cannabis plants? Can you extract all of the different cannabinoids using this machine?

Yes, you can pull all of the cannabinoids, as well as the mono and sesquiterpenes.  You can pull a terpene and THCA fraction. The process starts with the product the business plan is built around.  CO2 is very flexible you can create beautiful vape oils, bulk oils for toll processing, shatter, live resin, lotions and creams, edible oils, suppositories, pills, capsules, etc.  It is important to plan genetics around your end product and process thoughtfully to achieve the highest grade product possible.  You have the best tool so make products for a discerning market.

7)What are the benefits for extractors utilizing the ColdFinger™ Ethanol Extraction Machine? What can the commercial version of the ColdFinger™ Ethanol Extraction be used for versus the professional version?

Ethanol is an exhaustive extraction process which means it pulls everything at once and quickly. If you just run it warm under a vacuum it will pull the chlorophyll, all of the terpenes, and everything else out at once. Then in order to get the alcohol back out you use the system as a solvent recovery unit. You run it very cold you can avoid pulling chlorophyll, terpene loss and wax and lipid retention. Something that makes our ColdFinger™ Ethanol Extraction machine unique is its different accessories and one of them involves a steam distillation process which allows you to produce a very pure terpene fraction.  Terpenes are the determining factors in efficacy, effect and enjoyment.  Losing them from the plant means losing the Entourage Effect.  Eden has been driving this messaging for many years and will continue to do so.

8) What is next for Eden Labs, LLC.? Is the company is the process of developing any new technology for extractors to utilize in the future?

Our company is broadening our education platform as the industry grows, as well as our messaging on whole plant extraction until we find out more about what the endocannabinoid system actually does. We have three or four different patents pending for new technology and we are always researching different extraction methodologies.

Eden Labs will continue to build strategic alliances with other companies to help expand our turnkey solutions for our clients. We don’t just make systems. Our goal is to integrate everything that we have learned and push that into an industry to help the politics, social issues, and technology progress. We are doing what we have always done. A great quote that I have heard is that, “Innovation is born out of social need,” and that is what Eden Labs embodies.


Cash Crop Today would like to extend a special thanks to AC Braddock and Eden Labs for taking the time to provide our readers with extremely valuable insights into their company.