Israeli Cannabis Industry Enters Legal Battle to Allow Exports

Earlier this month, the Israeli Prime Minister was convinced by U.S. President Donald Trump to abandon Isreal’s plan to become one of the largest exporters of cannabis around the world. This has lead to those heavily involved in the cannabis industry in Isreal to fight back.

The opportunity for legal cannabis exports means everything for cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and investors involved in the cannabis industry in Isreal. Hagit Weinstock, the lawyer representing a coalition of cannabis business owners, believes that those involved in the industry won’t be able to sustain profits unless the export of cannabis is allowed. This has lead Weinstock to take legal action against the Israeli government
in a court case to begin this week.

Producers, manufacturers, and investors involved in the Isreali cannabis industry have been preparing for the opportunity to export product since last year and most operations have already built out the necessary infrastructure to support the mass export of cannabis out of the country. Those involved in the cannabis sector in Isreal believe its a matter of time before legislation opens up in their favor.