Israeli Pharmacies to Begin Distributing Cannabis on 4/20

The Ministry of Health in Isreal recently announced that patients will be able to pickup medicinal cannabis and cannabis products at their local pharmacies starting today on the unofficial cannabis holiday 4/20.

Before the announcement, only a short list of doctors within Isreal were allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients which caused wait times to receive cannabis to exceed months at a time. Over 33,000 Isreal’s hold perceptions for medicinal cannabis in the country.

The new reform will likely ease tensions between cannabis business owners and the Israeli Prime Minister who decided it was best for the country to halt the planned legalization of exports of cannabis to country’s like Canada, Australia, and Europe in the summer of 2018.

“This reform totally breaks the way it was before, the stronghold of the eight farms that had all the licenses,” David Sack, founder and COO of Kanabo told Emerald Report. “The reform has split the licenses into different licenses so now you can grow, do R&D, produce, etc. and you need a license for each different thing. It means companies like Kanabo can have a platform and sell products.”

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