Khiron Allies with ILANS, Continues to Expand Distribution Network In Colombia and Latin America

Khiron Life Sciences (TSXV: KHRN), a Canadian medical cannabis company that was founded and currently operates out of Colombia, has secured another considerable advancement in the South American market by announcing a strategic alliance with the Institute of Neurology and Nervous System (“ILANS”).

ILANS is a network of health service providers that treats patients for a wide range of ailments and diseases including chronic pain, epilepsy, post-chemotherapy nausea, sleep disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, and multiple sclerosis, and more. In 2017, ILANS treated 100,000 patients – mostly Colombian – and that number is expected to grow as they expand within Colombia and across Latin America.

The strategic alliance is an exclusive agreement between Khiron and ILANS that will be upheld for the next 8 years under the following terms:

  • Referral arrangements for a wide range of ailments and diseases
  • Collaborative research projects(Khiron and ILANS will have mutual access and ownership to all intellectual property property produced)
  • Educational Processes related to psychoactive and non-psycho active medical cannabis
  • Sale and supply agreements for medical grade cannibas

It’s been a successful week for Khiron, to say the least. On June 11 the company announced co-operation agreements with two of the largest and most recognized medical associations in Colombia: The Colombian Association of Internal Medicine(ACMI) and the Colombian Association of Nuerology(ACN).

These alliances combined give Khiron access to an estimated 500,000 patients, or 9% of the 5.6 million total potential patients in Colombia.

Colombia’s liberal views on cannabis (decriminalized for up to 20 grams and 20 plants for personal use, legal for medicinal and scientific use) have it positioned the company to become a worldwide leader in medical cannabis exports out of South America.

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