Kush Bottles to Open Cannabis Packaging Distribution Facility in Las Vegas

Kush Bottles, Inc. (OTCQB: KSHB), a United States based company focused on provided ancillary goods such as packaging, supplies, vaporizers, hydrocarbon gases, solvents, accessories and branding solutions for the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry, announced this week that the company has signed a new lease for a warehouse facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada to meet demand for the recreationally legal cannabis market 

The 13,000 square foot facility is expected to be built out and operational in the next few weeks. Kush Bottles is expected to streamline its logistics and provide more access to storage space for high-demand products with rapid turnover times, such as exit bags, cartridges, and pre-roll tubes for packaging cannabis derived products.

Las Vegas is one of the busiest destinations for travelers all around the world and is known  as a gathering place for vacationers. Nevada has already sold $200 million worth of cannabis based product in the first six months of becoming recreationally legal and has generated $30 million in taxes for the states government. New Frontier projects Nevada’s state-legal marijuana market to be worth $622 million by 2020.

Kush bottles business model involves selling ancillary goods to the cannabis industry allowing the company to operate legally within medical and recreational markets whether or not the Federal government decides to interfere within state boarders. The company has sold more than 1 billions units to over 5,000 different dispensaries across the United States.