Lady Cannabis – Senior Women in the Cannabis Industry

Jeanine Moss, of Marina del Rey, California, is the 62-year-old owner of Annabis. Annabis is a premium line of female-oriented cannabis products, including odor-proof bags and clutches and vape-pen accessories. She began using medical marijuana after finding that she wasn’t getting the pain relief she needed while recovering from hip surgery from a flurry of opioid prescriptions. As an older woman working to normalize cannabis amongst an unlikely age group, Moss is opening up a space for an entire demographic of women in the workforce (The New York Times).

The spike in older females entering the cannabis market is partially due to the low-entry costs associated with opening dispensaries. This, in tandem with the increase in medical use amongst the older generations, has caused a rapid integration of marijuana into normal society. People often look at older women as moral compasses. The typical idea of a “grandma” conjures up a very specific image. These innovative women are breaking the mold: Frances Sue Taylor, 69, recently opened up a dispensary in California specifically tailored to those in their 50s and older. Before becoming a cannabis entrepreneur, Taylor was a Catholic school principal (Mass Roots). Women like Taylor are helping to change the face of the marijuana user: if a successful, educated career woman sees the value in using marijuana, why shouldn’t anyone else?

The acceptance of medical marijuana by older generations has also helped the movement progress. Because statistically they experience more conditions with painful symptoms, senior citizens are turning to the holistic and healing benefits associated with THC. More and more of this demographic are endorsing the use of cannabis for pain relief publicly, quickly influencing public opinion and encouraging people to try it. The fact that doctors are now prescribing THC-based medicinal products certainly goes a long way with Baby Boomers.

In Washington state, where recreational marijuana is legal, three women named Paula, Deirdre, and Dorothea agreed to be filmed smoking marijuana for the first time by Cut Video. These women, who are all grandmothers and senior citizens, share a bowl and a vaporizer. The women play Jenga and Cards Against Humanity and discuss the way the marijuana is affecting them. Throughout the video, the women are clearly lucid, and seem very happy and communicative with one another. Videos such as this one work towards the goal of integrating cannabis into normal community by starting with a highly influential demographic.

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