Leading California Cannabis Retailer Airfield Supply Adopts Treez Advanced Data Solutions

Treez (www.treez.io), a private company focused on retail automation and control for the cannabis industry supply chain, today announced that Airfield Supply Company, California’s largest retail operator, has adopted the full data suite of Treez back of house supply chain solutions. These new capabilities employ real-time market data to drive wholesale reordering and marketing.

Spurred by rapid demand for digital solutions arising from today’s Covid environment (see here for more information), leading California retailer, Airfield Supply Company, is now able to automate over 50% of all wholesale orders, improving efficiency among brands and optimizing product-inventory mix.  Customers also enjoy safe and contactless digital payment transactions, relieving reliance on cash handling.

John Yang, Treez CEO, stated that “As the number of retailers employing our data solutions grows towards 300, we are advancing our leadership with these unique and real-time platform capabilities. Retail automation and control for our industry is a critical infrastructure need that will lay the foundation for scalable intra and interstate commerce, especially as the SAFE Act comes to pass.”

Airfield founder and CEO Marc Matulich related that “We have had a strong relationship with Treez since 2016. As they continued to innovate, it is clear the company has become the dominant vertical SaaS platform for the industry. One vivid example is how Treez real-time data solutions have been able to streamline Airfield’s wholesale procurement process, providing impressive and immediate savings, equipping us with a competitive edge — and ultimately, fostering greater customer satisfaction.”

About Airfield Supply Company

Airfield Supply (airfieldsupplyco.com) is a full service cannabis dispensary based in San Jose, CA. Listed by Way of Leaf as one of the Top 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in California, the boutique-style retail store offers a wide selection of the finest cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and clones. Airfield strives to provide a retail experience that excels in quality and professionalism.

About Treez.io

Treez is a market-leading, enterprise-grade business management platform offering retail automation and control for the cannabis industry supply chain.  The company’s innovation benefits brands and retailers, with point of sale (POS), integrated payments, and a broad range of data software capabilities that span the vertical.  Increasingly recognized are analytics that provide real-time insights and automated inventory control.

Treez was founded in 2016.  Today, the company is noted for numerous industry-changing innovations beyond original flagship point-of-sale capabilities, particularly with real-time automation between brands, retailers and cataloging technology.

The company operates with leading market share in California.  Treez closed on an investment during September 2020 and is currently underway with plans for expansion into multiple additional states during 2021.

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