Leafwire Launches Social Networking Cannabis and Hemp Platform

Leafwire launched their new social platform this week which is dedicated to connect cannabis and industrial hemp investors, entrepreneurs, employees and upper management all under one network. Seemingly, the new platform is LinkedIn for the cannabis industry with a focus on investment.

Leafwire was created to build an “ecosystem to connect, and exchange knowledge and opportunities within this emergent space.” The cannabinoid based product market is growing exponentially and as it continues to grow more and more jobs are going to be created. Arcview Market Research predicts that the recreational cannabis market in California will create over 100,000 jobs for residents in the state by 2021. With many new jobs being created in the sector, it makes sense to provide the industry with a platform that can help industry experts and novices connect.

Leafwire is for investors, cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, or distributers and everyone in between. The company helps introduce investors to investment opportunities. Their online profiles allow you to describe the type of company you work for, your job within the corporation, how much capital you are seeking to raise, and what stage in the development process your company is in. This provides startups and entrepreneurs a portal to receive interest from investors, no matter how big of a shark they may be.

“Legalization of cannabis opens up a huge opportunity, not only for cultivators and distributors, but for the ancillary market that supports those companies,” explains Leafwire CEO Peter Vogel. “Yet the investment community has been slower to support this industry than other emerging markets because of the lingering Federal regulations and existing stigma. That said, I have spoken to 100s of investors who are looking for the right opportunities to explore in this market. Leafwire will help to connect those investors with the prospect that best meets their needs.”