Legion of Bloom Grows Award-Winning Cannabis at Sustainable Indoor Facility in Oakland

The Legion of Bloom (LEGION) — an eco-conscious Northern California cannabis company — is pleased to announce the opening of its indoor cultivation facility, LEGION Cultivation, which was established to demonstrate how indoor cannabis can be grown with a small carbon footprint. This facility empowers LEGION to produce high-quality indoor flower for the California market, including their new 5-Star Flower line. To learn more about LEGION’s sustainable indoor cannabis and find LEGION products, visit www.thelegionofbloom.com or call (707) 878-0388.

Led by a team of passionate farmers and experts, LEGION has earned its reputation for being a sustainable company that grows cannabis responsibly at its high-tech green headquarters in OaklandThe state-of-the-art cultivation facility has 19 flowering rooms totaling 30,000 square feet of canopy, and it showcases the best cultivation technology for the cannabis industry. 

“As seen through a lens of sustainability, our cultivation facility is designed to be both energy and resource efficient. This allows us to reduce our overall environmental footprint while producing exceptional cannabis flower in the process,” says Russell Weisman, LEGION CEO and Co-Founder.

Sustainable Agriculture Blooms at LEGION Cultivation 
With the intention of producing the most eco-conscious indoor cannabis flower in California at scale, LEGION created a green facility by using foresight in its buildout and investing in next-gen technology.

LEGION Cultivation Creates Ideal Conditions for Growing Indoor Cannabis in NorCal 

  • LED lighting technology requires less electricity than traditional HPS fixtures
  • Renewable energy currently powers 75% of the indoor facility’s energy demands
  • LEGION plans to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2022
  • Water catchment and recycling satisfies 80% of the facility’s water needs
  • This is achieved by filtering and reusing wastewater from dehumidifiers, HVAC systems, and plant runoff

About the Legion of Bloom
The Legion of Bloom is a sustainable Northern California cannabis company founded by five established cultivators who share a deep reverence for the planet. Together, they use cannabis as a vehicle for change by giving back to environmental causes and supporting local not-for-profits. From using LED lighting to crafting cannabis products using plastic-free packaging, LEGION adheres to sustainable practices from seed to shelf. California dispensaries deliver LEGION flower and custom vape cartridges to those seeking an elevated cannabis experience. Visit www.thelegionofbloom.com to learn more about their new 5-Star Flower line and indoor facility, and go to their website to find LEGION products at local dispensaries in NorCal and SoCal.  Contact LEGION directly to talk with their team of cannabis experts, make wholesale inquiries, and coordinate cannabis events in San FranciscoOaklandLos Angeles and beyond.

SOURCE The Legion of Bloom