Lender 420 is Providing Financial Solutions to Cannabis Businesses

Raising capital is an integral component of running any successful business. Without the necessary financial reserves to execute your well thought out business plan the most an entrepreneur has is a thought on paper. No matter how disciplined, technically skilled, or determined you may, the foundation of any business lays in your ability to fund your operation and generate revenue.

For a large part of the last century business within the cannabis industry has been conducted on the black market. The rising global acceptance of the cannabis plant as a viable and legal commodity has given birth to a slew of new businesses involved in the cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution of the plant, all of which require capital to operate.

There are many different ways to approach raising capital. Unfortunately, a large portion of them require selling off a generous amount of equity in your company. Instead, entrepreneurs can bet on themselves and turn to alternative
ways to raise capital through a financing
company called Lender 420.

Lender 420’s seasoned loan officers work closely with businesses involved in the cannabis industry to help them identify first-rate financing solutions with banking institutions. Whether you’re an experienced cultivator looking for grow space, an extraction company seeking new expensive equipment, cannabis product manufacturing company or a recreational dispensary looking to expand its operations, Lender 420 can find you the lowest rates and fees of any traditional lenders on the market.

Their company understands it is just a matter of time before the United States shifts its federal policy to legalize the recreational use of cannabis throughout the country. The industry is growing an exponential rate which requires larger influxes of cash to keep up with the demand.

With loans ranging anywhere from $250k to $10M, Lender 420 has a long list of financing options for companies that includes commercial loans, grow house purchasing, land acquisition, capital for edible businesses. their company works efficiently and diligently to help your company secure the best options to help finance your current needs to operate.

For more information about Lender 420 visit http://lender420.com/aboutus/

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