Lil Wayne’s GKUA Ultra Premium Releases New Products and Increases Availability in More California Dispensaries

GKUA Ultra Premium, the cannabis brand created by artist and entrepreneur Lil Wayne, today announced an expanded line of THC vape flavors and concentrate strains. The company will also release a new Live Resin Concentrate in 2020 along with additional flower strains. Official GKUA Dispensary retail locations in Los Angeles are growing from five to eight in the next few days and will reach over a dozen locations in the middle of January 2020. GKUA launched earlier this month with a line of high-potency cannabis products designed to provide consumers with the best high of their lives.

GKUA Ultra Premium High Potency THC Vape Pods are now available in an assortment of flavors including Pineapple X, OG Crush, Sky Lime, Tropical Storm, Mint Pepper and Money Cake. The brand’s carefully crafted concentrates come in various strain formulations including Boom Box and 3 Hour Tour, both potent badder concentrates for dabbing and mixing with flower. GKUA products are currently available at the following dispensaries: Circle Long Beach, Marina Caregivers, King’s Crew, Elevate Woodland Hills, Divine Wellness Center and will also be on shelves soon at The Plug Hollywood, Herbal Pain Relief Center and Doctor Greenthumb’s in the Los Angeles area. Participating Official GKUA Dispensaries will be offering a free Lil Wayne Signature Vape Battery with purchase of a GKUA Ultra Premium THC Full Gram Vape Pod from December 18 through January 1, 2020.

In 2020, GKUA Ultra Premium will release a Live Resin Concentrate which creates a euphoric and distinctive high while maintaining the cannabis plant’s natural aromas and flavors. After the new year, GKUA will be announcing details about the GKUA VIP Party with Lil Wayne and Friends. Stay tuned for more details about how to obtain free tickets to the VIP Party.

About GKUA Ultra Premium

Lil Wayne, artistic giant and connoisseur of cannabis, has created the ultimate cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra Premium. Lil Wayne provides inspiration to millions of people and now he is delivering it in one more form, the best high of your life. Produced from the finest cannabis, GKUA Ultra Premium products are Lil Wayne tasted and approved. GKUA strives to inspire artists and dreamers and supports the arts through collaborations with new artists in multiple mediums. GKUA Ultra Premium products are available in select California dispensaries. For more information about GKUA Ultra Premium products and events, visit

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