Linked Equipment Provides Portable and Full Customizable Functionality to Cannabis Companies

According to New Frontier Data, one of the top based analytics companies in the world, the legal cannabis market is projected to rise to a $25 billion-dollar market by 2022. The growing acceptance of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoid derived products by consumers has caused a spike in the recent demand for them in the marketplace.

There seems to be a short window for entrepreneurs and startup companies involved in the industry to get a head start on the setup of their operation. Whether you are involved in the cultivation, extraction, or manufacturing of the cannabis plant or its byproducts, the importance of generating revenue remains the same for any company.

Companies involved in these emerging markets can turn to Linked Equipment to get their company running and generating revenue quickly. Linked Equipment specializes in offering their customers turn-key and customizable cannabis extraction laboratories, cultivation grow pods, kitchens, processing, and manufacturing facilities that can be adapted to meet any company’s demands, with the added benefits of being able to scale your business.

Instead of spending precious time and a ridiculous amount of capital on the construction of your facility, have Linked Equipment’s seasoned group of professionals provide your company with an automated turn-key facility. Linked Equipment builds out your operation out of recycled shipping containers that can be expanded with your company’s growth. This provides their customers with a conveniently portable setup, an aspect that is completely overlooked when setting up any operation. These shipping containers can be built out to meet your electrical, storage, laboratory capabilities, and layout needs.

Linked Equipment’s technical experts have decades of experience in engineering, farming, extraction, and cooking involved in the cannabis industry and can complete your project within 4-6 weeks. Most importantly, they can help you setup your operation to remain compliant within all legal requirements within your city, county, and state so you can focus on running your business. Everyone of their systems
undergoes a third-party engineering review
to ensure the quality and functionality of your setup.

The expanding cannabis industry is full of potential for new companies interested in gaining their piece of a multiple billion-dollar market. Linked Equipment can help assist with the customization of a state-of-the-art, portable, and affordable option for your operational needs. Their company allows you to focus on running your business by relying on their team to assure your operation will be working quickly and effectively.


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