Malta Legalizes Medical Cannabis

The country of Malta has officially legalized the medicinal use of the cannabis plant for patients in the country. The Parliament passed the amendments to the Drug Dependence Act on March 26.

The new law will allow family physicians to prescribe medical marijuana to patients however, the cannabis prescribe must not be obtained in a smokeable form which stays illegal in the country. So far, Malta has approved the prescription of cannabis for patients with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and the inhibit the effects of chemotherapy.

The ministry of Economic Affairs said that Malta Enterprise has also announced the approval of five separate projects related to the cultivation of medical cannabis in the country, totaling up to $30M in investments. Most of the investments were facilitated by companies out of Canada, Australia, and Isreal.

Companies like reaLeaf believe that the government in Malta needs to expand the list of eligible conditions to encompass the majority of people that can benefit from medicinal cannabis. reLeaf gave this statement:

“Internationally recognised conditions treatable by cannabis such as glaucoma, epilepsy and nausea, to name a few, are not recognised by the Maltese government. We hope that this is rectified in due time to include Maltese sufferers of these illnesses.”