Marijuana Company of America, Inc. Creating a Diversified Range of Synergistic Opportunities in Hemp Sector

  • MCOA is involved in the production and distribution of high quality hemp-derived CBD products
  • Company continues to add high-demand retail products
  • Strategic investments and joint ventures offer broad-based opportunities








In spite of all of the short-term political gyrations, the cannabis and hemp markets continue to bloom. The demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products remains persistent, and there are many attractive opportunities in the sector.  Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (OTC: MCOA) is in position to thrive in spite of any short-term contortions in the cannabis and hemp markets. The company’s low-risk, high-return profile results from its focus on industrial hemp-based CBD products and its portfolio of synergistic companies that operate in the space. MCOA has already undertaken multiple initiatives, building a portfolio of investments and joint ventures in the space.

MCOA recently invested $100,000 into Convenient Hemp Mart, LLC’s Benihemp-branded CBD product line for a 25 percent equity interest in Convenient Hemp Mart, LLC. BeniHemp products include topicals, tinctures and edibles, conveniently packaged in one-day, two-day and 30-day supplies. The target markets for these products are convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations and similar types of small retail businesses where CBD commerce has significant potential to generate sales from the impulse buyer at the register. Convenient Hemp Mart officially launched the Benihemp product line at ASD Market Week ( in Las Vegas, Nevada, which took place from March 11-14. The trade show hosted 45,000 buyers from over 90 countries, representing major department stores, convenience stores, gift shops, grocery stores and other retail outlets.

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Marijuana Company of America’s other line of hemp-based CBD consumer products is researched, developed and sold via an affiliate marketing model under the brand name hempSMART™. hempSMART™ sells a variety of wellness products on its website, including full spectrum bioavailable CBD drops, pain capsules with a blend of premium CBD and botanical supplements, pain cream and the latest new product targeting the booming $70 billion pet care market, hempSMART Full Spectrum Pet Drops. MCOA utilizes a unique hempSMART affiliate network-marketing program to promote and sell its hemp-based CBD consumer products.

Visit the hempSMART™ website for more information about their products at

In conjunction with joint venture partner Global Hemp Group Inc. (OTC: GBHPF), MCOA successfully cultivated industrial hemp during the 2017 growing season. For this phase of the project, hemp was grown for research purposes, as this was the first time in 20 years that industrial hemp was grown in northeast New Brunswick. The joint venture partners are now focusing on the next season of crops. Farmers have been recruited, and a minimum of 125 acres of hemp cultivation is planned for 2018, with the goal of increasing the acreage under cultivation to 1,000 acres by year three of the project. This first commercial crop will focus on CBD extraction. In addition, discussions are underway regarding the purchase of extraction equipment for cannabinoids and straw processing equipment for building materials. The companies expect the facilities to be in place and operational for the 2018 harvest in October.

In a joint venture with Bougainville Ventures Inc., MCOA further expanded its portfolio by completing financing of $800,000 in cash and 15 million shares of the company’s common stock, in full satisfaction of the amended agreement, to begin construction of a turnkey 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the art agricultural cultivation and processing facility in Oroville, Washington. The turnkey facility will accommodate Bougainville’s contracted cannabis production and processing tenant with an approved Tier 3, I-502 license.

Marijuana Company of America’s diversified business plan is rapidly creating a broad range of opportunities with synergistic companies, positioning the company well into the future.

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