Marijuana Company Of America Inc Launches Benihemp Unit

Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS: MCOA) announced recently that is has officially launched its Convenient Hemp Mart, LLC known as Benihemp, during the recent ASD market Week.

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The new business unit has a wide range of Benihemp products that cater for a large consumer market. The products are developed in various forms including tinctures, edibles, topical and much more. The products are popularly distributed to the target markets through different channels including convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops and other retail stores where the CBD-based products are highly recognized.

The company introduced the Benihemp products, which was one of the leading business-to-business trade shows for retail entities that usually host thousands of shoppers across 90 countries every year. The company invested over $100,000 into the new products by acquiring a stake in the Convenient Hemp Mart.

Donald Steinberg CEO of MCOA, commented recently during the launch of Benihemp that the company will continue diversifying its product distribution into emerging markets within the region and beyond as part of the firm’s strategy to increase its presence in the marketplace across the globe.

At the same time, MCOA is also negotiating with Eddy Pham & Company (EPCO) of expand its retail marketing advertising services of its products and services including the unique company brand, hempSMART™.

EPCO will facilitate MCOA with hempSMART range of products through its digital marketing platform that will help the company grow its annual earnings sustainably. According to Steinberg, EPCO, which is focused on offering smart marketing solutions, will help the company to make hempSMART to be one of the leading companies in the cannabis industry in the US and beyond.

The recent launch of the Benihemp product line is an immense milestone for the company that have a great passion to bring its clientele excellent products that enhances their overall wellbeing. The company expects to generate more sales than what it obtained in the last year’s $140 billion annual sales.

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