Marijuana Company of America, Inc. Set to Profit from the Growth of the Legal Hemp Market

  • MCOA’s hempSMART™ hemp-based CBD consumer products set to capitalize on burgeoning growth

The overwhelming demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products remains unabated, and there are still attractive opportunities in the sector.  Millions of people rely on non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) for relief, and companies that produce and/or market hemp-derived CBD products, like Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (OTC: MCOA), are well positioned to garner not only increased traction in product sales but also amplified market action. Marijuana Company of America’s stable of hemp-based CBD consumer products are researched, developed and sold under the brand name hempSMART™.

To amplify action and secure market dominance, Marijuana Company of America recently announced that it has engaged Eddy Pham & Company (“EPCO”) to provide retail marketing and advertising services for MCOA’s hempSMART™ branded products. Eddy Pham & Company is a direct-to-consumer full-service marketing company that will provide MCOA’s hempSMART product line with a fully integrated, multi-channel transactional marketing campaign focused on digital advertising, infographics, content marketing, customer incentives and acquisition, together with a broad social media presence, search engine marketing and optimization that includes comprehensive research and analytics. EPCO will also provide outsourced customer service and fulfillment services for hempSMART orders made through its campaign.

In a news release, EPCO CEO Eddy Pham stated, “In over two decades of product development and transactional marketing, I can say that hempSMART produces quality products that truly work. I personally have not been this excited in a long time to work on a product line that can truly bring relief to its users.”

MCOA CEO Donald Steinberg added, “MCOA is honored to have EPCO on as a marketing partner for our hempSMART product line. The impressive marketing strategy that EPCO will be implementing with our products will help secure hempSMART as one of the leading hemp-based cannabinoid companies in North America.”

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