Medical Marijuana Sparking Political Unrest in Argentina

In March 2017, the Congress in Argentina approved medical cannabis laws for people suffering from ailments in the country. The new law was suppose to legalize the use of cannabis oil for those suffering from extreme cases of epilepsy which recognized the plant as a containing medicinal properties.

Though these promises were made to the Argentinian people, family members and friends suffering from ailments have still received no medical support from Congress over a year later. This has sparked political unrest in the country, especially since the country police continue to conduct raids on those growing cannabis for medical purposes.

Argentinians took to the streets for an organized march this week asking the government  follow through on the recently passed law to deliver medical cannabis to those in need. The public is now demanding that more research in Argentina is conducted on the medicinal value of the marijuana plant.

The main issue is continuance of government crackdowns taking place throughout the country on people now growing cannabis plants to help individuals who can truly benefit from it.

“No more imprisonment for cultivating, no more raiding our houses, kicking our doors, stealing the plants, taking away the medicine from our children. No more of that and no more repression and censorship on YouTube,” said cannabis supporter Federico Riveiro.

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