MedMen Plans to Go Public in Canada

MedMen is a Los Angeles based management and investment cannabis company that helps operates growing and manufacturing facilities, as well as recreational cannabis stores in legal states in the United States.

MedMen, a United States based private cannabis company, now plans to take their private company public by listing the company’s shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in the second quarter of this year.

Captor Capital (CSE: CPTR), a Canadian based public company, signed an LOI earlier this week to purchase 3% of MedMen for $30 million, which if the deal go through MedMen will have all the capital they need to take their company public. “

Our Take
MedMen is going to list the company’s stock on the CSE because of the recent amount of seemingly endless influxes of cash being invested into Canadian based public companies in the sector. Seemingly overnight, evaluations for Canadian companies, like Canopy Growth Corporation (TSE: WEED) and Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ABC), have grown into the billions ahead of the planned legalization of cannabis and extraction of cannabinoids from industrial hemp in July 2018. Not only will MedMen be able to raise the necessary capital to expand their operations but, also the company will benefit from the recent buzz surrounding the Canadian public cannabis sector.

About MedMen
MedMen operates scalable, high-efficient growing facilities using the latest in agronomic technology and sustainable techniques, and our manufacturing facilities use standards comparable to those in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.