Mellowment Airs National TV Ads for Hemp Products in a Momentous Win for the Whole Industry

Innovator in the natural supplement industry, Mellowment is set to air their first national television advertisement featuring their hemp products. Public attitudes concerning hemp products have been steadily changing over the last decade, as hemp becomes more nationally recognized in the United States for its medicinal properties.

Hemp in general is often associated with alternative fuels, plastic and cotton alternatives and no longer with “getting high”. Yet still, a majority of the population has not recognized hemp as a safe haven for health & wellness because of a misunderstanding concerning its origin. It’s close affiliation with cannabis has lumped hemp in with cannabis and high amounts of THC. While hemp naturally does contain trace ammounts of THC (0.3% or less), it does not get you “high” or intoxicated. Mellowment has gone a step further and removed any trace of THC to ensure their customers’ comfort.

Mellowment hopes that with their national campaign they can break down a number of misconceptions, or limited visions for hemp, including broadening the accessibility of hemp products by helping to make them more mainstream.

Mellowment CEO Tony Dragani says that one of the company’s founding observations had to do with the delivery system for hemp products. In the early days of the industry, one of the only ways of consuming hemp was through a tincture, and this method persists today, despite new evidence that there may be more effective methods of consumption. Tinctures come in a small bottle with a dropper, and customers would have to drop the liquid under their tongue and hold it before swallowing. This method has its own set of advantages, but ultimately the whole process can seem foreign and unappealing to first time users who were unfamiliar with tinctures.

This is why Mellowment uses gel cap technology for a more familiar delivery. Quickly delivering potent doses of their hemp extract supplements, in a way that is easily absorbed into the body. Bioavailability for hemp products plays a large role in their development, since spending the time and money to guarantee pureness in the hemp itself is useless, if the delivery system renders it unusable.

Mellowment has a good deal of variance in their product line, including different levels of hemp extract for different customer needs. In the future, as hemp becomes more publicly accepted in the supplement world, they would like to expand their feature to more specifically focus on common ailments, developing supplements that are able to address customer demands.

Now, with ads for hemp products airing nationally in the United States, times are changing for the health and wellness industry. Mellowment says they are proud to be a part of that change, as they continue their company expansion online and in stores throughout 2020.