National Expungement Works (N.E.W.) Continues Juneteenth Tradition of Observance and Healing

Who would you invite to ‘the cookout?’ National Expungement Works (N.E.W.), the organization that has shaped the nationwide conversation around expungement and legal relief impacting millions, broaches this thought-provoking topic and many others as part of its fourth annual observance of Juneteenth.  Made possible by the generosity of Green Thumb Industries (GTI)a leading national cannabis consumer packaged goods company, N.E.W. will host the premiere screening of “Who’s Invited to the Cookout” on Saturday, June 19, 2021, at 7:00 pm ET.

As with their groundbreaking work to center expungement in harm reduction, N.E.W. ‘s annual Juneteenth community celebrations helped ignite the movement that blossomed into a federal holiday. The day June 19 has additional significance for the organization as N.E.W.’s genesis can be traced to a barbeque to mark the holiday in 2018.

“While we applaud the distinction of Juneteenth as a federal holiday, we recognize that collectively more needs to be done and that we cannot do this work without altruistic partners. Thank you to GTI for coming on board as the first American company to sign on as an event sponsor,” said N.E.W. Founder and Visionary LaTorie Marshall. “We appreciate the partnership of GTI for co-hosting a safe place to eat, talk things out, and rest while we are finishing each other’s sentences; that’s how we celebrate. Equally, don’t forget the jokes and laughter.”

‘The cookout’ as defined by, is “a metaphorical gathering of the Black community,” exclusive to its members except for those who receive an invitation. The question ultimately posed by N.E.W. is regarding who is welcomed into Black spaces and how that correlates to allyship, wellness, social responsibility, and economic and political justice.

“‘Who’s Invited to the Cookout’ takes place around a virtual dinner table with a family-style conversation from the perspective of justice-impacted voices, legal perspectives on legislation and its compounded impact on the Black community, and healing practices for coping, surviving, and thriving within this system of injustice,” said Jessica Jackson, Director of Operations for N.E.W. “These conversations are necessary when honoring the legacy of Juneteenth and celebrating in fellowship with our community. Trust and believe every speaker will have a full plate, a selected track on our playlist!”

“We’re honored to sponsor N.E.W.’s Juneteenth celebration highlighting the important conversations about social responsibility and economic and political justice in our society,” said Green Thumb SVP of Government Affairs Dina Rollman. “Green Thumb strongly believes in N.E.W. and their work around expungement and community empowerment, and feel it is our responsibility to support broadening awareness of the history of Juneteenth. We are looking forward to hearing from each speaker and celebrating Juneteenth with N.E.W.”

To join N.E.W. during their community Screening of “Who’s Invited to the Cookout,” please visit on Saturday, June 19th at 7:00 pm ET.

About National Expungement Works
National Expungement Works (N.E.W.) is a year-round project that offers expungements, ceilings and pardons, and other forms of legal relief to individuals with convictions on their records. These convictions can restrict access to housing, employment, education, public assistance, and voting rights long after sentences have been served. N.E.W. year-round events build up to their week of action known as National Expungement Week. offer many wraparound and legal services to restore people’s rights, access to resources, and uplift communities. For more information, please visit or on Instagram and Twitter.