Nevada Sold $35M of Recreational Cannabis in February 2018

Nevada’s recreational cannabis stores netted a total of $35M in total sales over the month of February. The state has generated a total of $6M in taxes from those sales which made February the third most profitable month since the state legalized the commercial sale of marijuana last year.

Some of those funds are put back into managing the new cannabis program in the state and another small portion of it will be split amongst local governments. An executive from the Department of Taxation in Nevada believe that this was attributed to a number of events that occurred that in February, like the NFL Super Bowl.

Nevada has generated $41M in taxes so far which has been set aside mostly for state wide emergency funds. Some politicians in the state believe that the tax revenue generated from legal cannabis sales should be allocated to provide funding for Nevadas public school system. The Governor of Nevada Brain Sandoval will introduce the topic up for debate sometime next year.

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