New Bill in New York Could Legalize Medical Cannabis Products For Pets

Whether your a dog or cat person, most pet owners treat their pets like member of their family. People will do almost anything to maintain and take care of their pets health and now, New York may pass a bill that will open up legislation to allow your local veterinarian to prescribe your pet medicinal cannabinoid based products for their health.

New York Assemblywoman Amy Paulin has proposed a bill that would allow New York pet owners to be prescribed cannabis derived products as an alternative to unhealthy opioid based pain killers that can be more detrimental than helpful for pets health. The new bill is now in the Senate and State Assembly Health Committees hands and is expected to be voted upon sometime this year.

Pet owners spent up to $17.07 billion dollars in vet bills on their furry companions in 2017 alone. Cannabidiol (CBD) derived products in the form of tinctures have recently become extremely popular with pet owners and some of the top companies in the sector have developed products specifically designed for pets of all shapes and sizes. CBD is non-psychoactive, helps reduce anxiety, treat seizures, relieve pain, and reduce chronic inflammation in pets.

Companies like Canna-Pet, hempSMART™, VetCBD, and HoneyB Healthy Living look to corner the market and become one of the top suppliers of CBD products to pet owners.

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