New Study Shows that Alcohol, Not Cannabis, Reduces Grey Matter in Your Brain

New research out of the University of Colorado Bolder explores the difference in the effect of cannabis and alcohol on  white and grey brain matter in adults and late teens. The sample size for the study was 853 adults, 18 and older, and 439 adolescents, ages 14–18.

The results showed that alcohol, not the cannabis plant, lead to a significant reduction in white and grey matter in the brain, mostly in adults. Grey matter in your brain is responsible for muscle control and sensory perception, such as sight, hearing, emotions, speech, and self-control. Whereas, white matter controls the firing of the neurons in your brain.

With cannabis consumption on the rise it’s clear that the newly legalized industry will recieve a percentage of the total alcohol sales in the US moving forward. In 2017, a study out of the University of Georgia found that total retail sales of alcohol, in US states that have legalized cannabis, had dropped 15%. For every US state that legalizes the consumption of cannabis, the alcohol industry will lose a piece of their 223.2B industry.

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