New York Governor Wants a Hemp Processing Plant in the Southern Tier

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has found some wiggle room in the state budget for 2018-19 to gift $650,000 towards a hemp processing plant. This processing plant would be placed within the Southern Tier and precisely in the Binghamton area.  The $650,000 is a great pushing off point since the more reasonable total outcome would come to around $3 Million plus.

This is a major step forward for the state of New York and even more so that the state Governor is taking the initiative. By taking a good look at the cannabis industry, New York could easily become just as recognizable within the cannabis industry in the same way Colorado and Oregon are viewed.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, D-Endwell, Broome County along with other leader locals expressed that, “We are very fortunate that the Southern Tier is viewed as central to its development in New York state.”

The biggest advocation would ensure many jobs that would make Binghamton a lucrative area. Bringing in a higher revenue, multiple opportunities and essentially making the Southern Tier a hot area for the cannabis industry.

An added bonus is the $2,000,000 budget investment towards hemp breeding and seeds which would hopefully curate New York’s own brand. New York is certainly on the up and up within the Cannabis industry, who could be next?